Testimonials from Participants:

"I loved the first-hand experience of watching the CNN control room in action. I had never thought of working in news until now!" 

"I learned that you can have many good qualities, but the best one is to be willing and have the urge to actually want to work."

"I learned that to be a good leader it means that you need people who understand you."

"I loved the experience of seeing the Jets football training facility and learning about that being calm under pressure is key when an organization is putting on a live show because not everything goes perfectly."

"I learned that you earn respect by being willing to do what you ask of others and put in the time."

"I learned that leaders have to make a lot of decisions that are hard and unpopular and that you can not please everyone."

"Being a leader requires being strong, and doing what is right for total good, not necessarily for the individual."

"I learned that when leaders are asking other people to put in long hours and put their best foot forward for an organization, you want them to feel great about what they are doing, so leaders need to inspire everyone to put their best foot forward."

"I learned that working your heart out will bring about success. I also learned that you must be resilient and be able to bounce back when things do not go your way."

"I learned that you can be soft-spoken as a leader if you carry a big stick."

"BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!!! I met so many amazing people. Thank you for allowing me to have this opportunity and to all of my teachers who are currently supporting me and helping me achieve my academic goals. I want to thank everyone for guiding me through this process and for all of the support." 


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Participating Students

Student Executive Board Koby Bernstein, President ​Stella Gray Benjamin Marks Evan Wolpert The Academy accepts students from public, private and charter schools all across New York City. Students have participated from the following schools: 
Bronx Science Columbia Prep Dalton School Dwight-Englewood Eleanor Roosevelt High Fieldston School Harlem Village Academy​ Heschel School ​Hewitt School Horace Mann School Hunter High School​ Nightingale-Bamford School Professional Children's School Riverdale Country School ​Spence School ​Trinity School




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Where do our Graduates go?

We congratulate the graduates of the High School Leadership Academy.  Our former students attend the following Colleges and Universities -












University of Pennsylvania

University of Rochester

University of Southern California