Traits of Successful Leaders:

  1. Emotional Intelligence The ability to recognize behaviors, moods and impulses and to manage them and adapt to them in various situations. 
  2. Confidence- The ability to take a stand for something that is right even if unpopular.  No one is going to follow someone who doesn't believe in themselves.
  3. ​​Conflict Resolution - The ability to resolve disputes or conflicts and build consensus.
  4. Motivation – The ability to motivate and inspire others to follow your lead and rise up to meet the goals that you set.  Leaders know how to set the bar high and then lead others to reach it.
  5. Communication – The ability to express a vision and know when to employ different strategies of communication. 
  6. Collaboration – The ability to work effectively with others to achieve a common goal, listen to others, respect others’ skills, opinions and experience, and share credit for good ideas.
  7. Networking – The ability to connect people and create an efficient network that gets results.
  8. Work ethic - The ability to work consistently, be prepared, follow through on your commitments, and put in a strong effort at all times, and execute your strategic vision.
  9. Compassion - The ability to put the needs of others ahead of your own.
  10. Problem Solving – The ability to be creative and come up with alternatives when conditions change or obstacles arise.
  11. Adaptability – The ability to adapt to new situations, new problems, new people, and react quickly to change and make decisions.
  12. Accountability - The ability to set clear expectations, accept responsibility for your successes and failures, ensure consequences and follow-up.

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