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Harlem Village Academies Announcement--

Sheck Mulbah, Jada-Renee Bland, and Mariame Niangado were selected for The High School Leadership Academy, a new initiative for students across New York City to develop their leadership skills and gain exposure to business leaders in various industries.  Congratulations to these three future leaders from the Harlem Village Academies!

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"Deep in the heart of every child

Planted in every mind

Lies the desire to reach the clouds

We were born to rise

- From "We Rise," written for HVA by John Legend


High School Leadership Academy is proud to have partnered with the Harlem Village Academies so that students from all over New York City benefit from the programming and work of the High School Leadership Academy.

Harlem Village Academies

The Harlem Village Academies is a progressive, K-12 urban public school district, founded in 2003 by Dr. Deborah Kenny, consisting of 5 public charter schools and a college support program, based on the ideals of progressive pedagogy.  The Harlem Village Academies serve 1,400 students throughout Harlem.  See Dr. Kenny's blog for updates and information about HVA.